I can provide events and art marketing support for you as either an agent or a consultant. Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss a quote. My consultancy services can be adapted to be bespoke according to your needs. I charge according to an hourly rate, with a discount for registered non-profits. The consultancy fee range is £22-30/hour, and some situations require additional preparation time. My agency fee is £18 for non-profits, £22 for start up freelancers in their first 2 years of trading and £28 for businesses.

I understand that despite their long-term value as an investment, in the short term one-to-one

sessions can seem unaffordable to freelance artists, and it may be more affordable to book my time as a group, as development for an individual or team as part of an Arts Council funded project, or to attend a public workshop.

If you are interested in offers, group sessions or public workshops, please subscribe to my mailing list via the button!

Freelance Art Marketing Agent - I'll do it.

Various related skills including...

Consultant - I'll help you do it.

Research, Talks, Training & Workshops

Graphic design

I can design for print or online content based on your brand, to increase awareness about your business.


I can photograph your products or services to maximise their reach.

Content / creative content

I can develop bespoke and relevant content to increase sales and awareness of your brand.

Social media

I can create and schedule posts to improve your brand voice, awareness and increase organic reach I can manage your social accounts for FB/IG/TW etc.

Website & SEO

I can manage and update your website, audit and improve it where necessary and create visual content so that it looks better, provides a better user experience, and is viewed more by the right people.


I will proof read and edit your rough copy for SEO optimisation and maximised effectiveness. I can develop a blog schedule and work to implement it.

Events and art marketing & admin

I will manage and update your events and listings, research new channels and implement better organisation systems for sustainability.

Data and insight interpretation

I can translate your Google Analytics or in-built website tool data and social media insights into meaningful interpretations, set marketing goals based on your business aims and implement long term measurement techniques.

For research, audits, strategy, planning, see the consultancy column on the right.

Please visit my visual portfolio for design examples.

What am I not?! A web developer, coder, PR specialist, finance administrator, tech expert or deep data analyst!

Creative content training or development workshops

I can lead a practical or digital training session about how you can maximise your creative content for online marketing.

Digital marketing talks

I can deliver a talk to your students, network or workforce about key areas of art marketing.

Flat lay and product photography workshops

I can show you why and how you can make the most of this photographic style with a practical workshop.


Strategy & planning

I will create a marketing strategy for you based on your needs or budget to help you maximise the return on your investment.

Digital training

I can train you or your team in a variety of digital skills, tools and channels.

Brand & audience development

I can work with you to develop your own visual brand and tone of voice.

Website and social media audits

I can examine your existing digital marketing channels to evaluate their effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement for your own implementation, or mine at an additional cost. 


Market research

I can research your potential audiences to create a detailed target segment. I can conduct internal analyses related to marketing and your limitations and capacity and industry-specific external analyses such as information about your key competitors and markets.

1 - 3 hours

1 - 2.5 hours - £22/hour

2 - 3 hours

From 4 hours

1.5 - 4 hours - £20/hour

2 - 6 hours

1.5 - 6 hours

From 4 hours

My top qualities: attention to detail, problem solving, organisation, creative thinking, strategies and systems for the time-poor or low-of-budget.  

Get in touch via the contact page.

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